Performs equivalence test on the partial eta-squared (pes) value from ANOVA results.

equ_anova(object, eqbound, MET = FALSE, alpha = 0.05)



an object of returned by either Anova, aov, or afex_aov


Equivalence bound for the partial eta-squared.


logical indicator to perform a minimal effect test rather than equivalence test (default is FALSE).


alpha used for the test (e.g., 0.05).


Returns a data frame containing the ANOVA results with equivalence tests added.

The following abbreviations are used in the table:

  • effect: name of the effect.

  • df1: Degrees of Freedom in the numerator (i.e. DF effect).

  • df2: Degrees of Freedom in the denominator (i.e., DF error).

  • F: F-value.

  • p.null: p-value (probability of the data given the null hypothesis).

  • pes: partial Eta-Squared measure of effect size.

  • eqbound: equivalence bound.

  • p.equ: p-value (probability of the data given the equivalence hypothesis)


For details on the calculations in this function see vignette("the_ftestTOSTER").


Campbell, H., & Lakens, D. (2021). Can we disregard the whole model? Omnibus non‐inferiority testing for R2 in multi‐variable linear regression and in ANOVA. British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology, 74(1), 64-89. doi: 10.1111/bmsp.12201

See also

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